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Happy New Year?

I have been silent on this site for some time. Sheila has not been well and there has been considerable stress and anxiety in the Berger household. So for some of you to whom I have not responded please accept it’s been due to physical and psychological overload and not disinterest. I apologise and hope to do better in future.

Israel seems to permanently occupy a powerful yet exposed position on the world stage. Regionally Israel is a power to be reckoned with but globally she is the target of Islamic-Palestinian hostility aligned with strong elements within the left and the right who, for different reasons, detest Zionism and Israel. Some believe this reflects an underlying anti-semitism in all camps but I think that is too simplistic an explanation – though the outcome is similar. This summary is very inadequate but under present circumstances it’s the best I can offer.

Globally we seem to be passing through a serious transition which is causing massive turbulence within and between states and regions. South Africa has its own unique set of issues which nevertheless are tied into the global currents. A recent article in Politicsweb on that topic can be found here –

I’m hoping 2019 is a happier one for us and Sheila and I wish all of you the best for the New Year

with kind regards

Mike Berger