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In the context of this website, SOLAR PLEXUS, I am committed to the survival and safety of Israel in whatever form it and its citizens decide freely for themselves. I would hope that in time Israel can become more fully a democracy in which all its diverse population feel safe and welcome, free to exercise their chosen way of life with due respect for the rights and dignity of others.

But objective evidence suggests this will not be an easy road. Israel is engaged in an existential war against regional and global actors openly committed to its destruction, acting with the tacit approval and support of substantial sections of the Western Left, including many in the media.

The regional conflict is between a small, imperfect but remarkable Jewish  democracy and backward, extremist, xenophobic cultures possessing, at best, only rudimentary understanding and even less tolerance for the rights of the indivdual, democracy and freedom of expression of religious and cultural diversity. It is, at its most basic, a Darwinian war between different concepts of civilization with global implications.

In the West, Israel is the litmus test for the totalitarian belief that small elites have the right to set the moral and political agendas for the masses and those who believe that the collective good is best served by personal freedom of choice, tolerance of diversity and the pursuit of individual interests within a democratic culture. It is also a litmus test of the moral clarity, courage and strategic flexibility of the democratic West in its ongoing struggle against the totalitarian impulse and doctrinal authority over human rationality.

I believe that behind all politics lies the blind, amoral, even cruel, working of chance and Darwinian selection and evolution. Which system of human organisation will flourish and which will succumb will be decided in large measure by the clarity, courage and adaptability of the democracies in responding to the forces of totalitarianism and doctrinal intolerance.

The outcome has enormous implications for humanity and Israel at the moment is the litmus test of democratic resilience.

Mike Berger (SOLAR PLEXUS)


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