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Free Karabus Demonstration

As many readers know, Prof Cyril Karabus, an eminent retired paediatric oncologist from the world-renowned Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital, has been detained in Abu Dhabi for about 6 months on charges of culpable homicide resulting in the death of a young patient under his care 10 years ago.  The story can be read about here and here.IMG_9912

Michael Bagraim, the South African lawyer leading the case, hopes the case will be finally thrown out when the court again meets on 27 February. But who can tell? The point is that no substantive evidence whatsoever has been put before the court to support this allegation and what evidence that can be traced indicates that Prof Karabus acted solely in the interests of his young patient with leukaemia, in keeping with his reputation as an outstanding and ethical practitioner

This case is a sobering reminder of what passes for due process in the Emirates. Hopefully the full story will one day be fully chronicled.

Some (13) images of the demonstration held in Cape Town on 18 February 2013 can be found at the Solar Plexus Facebook page.

Mike Berger


Free Karabus Demonstration. Cape Town 18 Feb 2013

Free Karabus Demonstration. Cape Town 18 Feb 2013

IMG_9914 IMG_9912 IMG_9909 IMG_9907 IMG_9900 IMG_9899 IMG_9897 IMG_9894 IMG_9892 IMG_9891

Free Karabus Demonstration, Cape Town 18 Feb 2013

Free Karabus Demonstration, Cape Town 18 Feb 2013


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  2. Val April 16, 2013 at 10:12 pm

    Hi Mike. Sorry to use this as an “email” option but I don’t seem to find another way to contact you. I’d like to publish a photo from above into a magazine. Could you please contact me re high res photos. Your help would be much appreciated. Thank you


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