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Welcome to all ye who enter here

To those of you responding to Ronnie’s inducements or of your own accord – welcome!

This is a site under development and I hope to make it more user-friendly, informative, interesting and even attractive. It will take time and some funding (NOT R140 mil.). So bear with me in the meantime and enjoy the content.

I ask 3 things of all newcomers:

Read and comment! Be a participant. Don’t comment by writing to me personally…share your thoughts and reactions with other readers. In this way you contribute to a community and spread a credible and honest pro-Israel message.

Subscribe! You will be notified of all new posts. I am going to stop sending out separate e-mail messages to notify people but I want you as a reader. So if you don’t subscribe you will simply not be alerted. Please don’t let this happen.

Market the site. If SOLAR PLEXUS is to be effective in the marketplace of ideas it needs readership – big readership Please do your part. Israel needs this and it makes the work of developing and maintaining this site worthwhile. Don’t make your marketing effort a once-off affair. Please use every opportunity to spread the word and send this link to your friends and the friends of your friends.

Welcome once again.

Mike Berger


2 responses to “Welcome to all ye who enter here

  1. Paul West March 7, 2013 at 10:42 am

    Hi Mike,

    Stew has found a course on Word Press in Town. Will get details if you are interested.



    • Mike Berger March 7, 2013 at 10:57 am

      Thanks Paul… I would be interested but still prefer to work with someone and pick it up as we enhance the site. But they may have names of Wordprress “experts”. Mike


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