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A Pew Report and its Implications

I was sent the following link to a very important study by my friend Geoff Boner in Israel: It is a must read!

This is my response:

If I had to explain it in the West I would point to the following:
  1. The Palistinians have a simple story to sell – victimhood – which fits into apartheid and civil rights memes.
  2. There is a well-funded very energetic network of Western leftwing activists selling propaganda to a gullible and well-primed public.
  3. Much of academia in the humanities is dominated by “leftwing progressives” who easily buy into an anti-West/anti-Colonial/anti-Israel narrative.
  4. Success equals evil in the eyes of many of the above groups – Jews and Israel are successful.
  5. The media story is heavily biased towards the above narratives for a host of reasons.
  6. Persisting antisemitism especially in European countries. Places like China are contaminated by this.
  7. Israeli failure to take the public narrative seriously and to put resources and imagination into a counter-offensive.
  8. Israeli “mistakes” which while generally no worse than other democratic countries play into the hands of the anti-Israel narrative.
  9. Nincompoops and over-reactors among  a few Israeli supporters who feed into anti-Israel and anti-Jewish prejudice. Eg. mocking Hawking’s disabilities. How stupid can one get!!?
  10. Ignorance – the results in the West would be different amongst the political leadership in my view – but leaders must take note of opinion on the street.
In Arab-Muslim countries the story is different.
Could Israel change these trends? I’m not sure but she is really not trying, relying almost completely on hard economic and military power. Probably a bad idea in the long run and intensely irritating for those of us in the Diaspora who have been trying to lend our support.
What do you think?
Mike Berger

2 responses to “A Pew Report and its Implications

  1. Jennifer August 1, 2017 at 1:31 pm

    I have always believed strongly that Jews in the diaspora need to be informed, in any way possible, of the counter – offensive arguments (ala Dershowitz’s books) to be able to fully understand the arguments; (I made a film like that a long time ago – it was called “Israel, you and the facts’) It can be done and I have never understood why the Israeli Foreign Office don’t do this. Parents would be able to show it to their youth, especially those on campuses, to give grist to their mills. Make an ongoing series of about 25-30 minutes long so as to appeal to short attention spans….


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