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Reuters enquiry

Since Reuters has failed to respond to my first enquiry – see previous post – I have sent the following repeat request for a link to the source material:

Dear Reuters

 It’s about 2 days since I sent in the request for a link to source material for your report entitled “Palestinian children tortured, used as shields by Israel: U.N” at It seems a simple enough request and I trust I will receive the link soon.
 thank you
 Mike Berger
Please read my previous 2 posts on this site, if you have not done so already, to fully understand the implications of this issue.
This is a matter of considerable importance. Reuters is a global news agencuy widely used by media internationally. Its impartiality as a news source has been questioned previously. For example a Reuters photographer “doctored” a photograph of an Israeli bombing raaid during the 2006 Israel-Lebanon war to make the damage seem worse than it was. To my knowledege this resulted in his dismissal. Their impartiality was also seriously questioned in a recent peer-revviewed academic paper authored by Henry Silverman.
If the Reuters report on Israeli torture of Palestinian children has elements of fraud, it is vital that this be exposed and widely publicised. Even if fraud is absent, the Report is appallingly poor and biased.
Mike Berger

One response to “Reuters enquiry

  1. Bev Goldman June 25, 2013 at 1:44 pm

    So you wait again for them to answer……? That says it all.


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