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Now I know how to get a response – introduce religion into the mix! In addition this post deals with some personal cogitation regarding the evolutionary direction of this site and then a really interesting collection of sites to visit for information and hot issues. There is something for those who like their gratification to be of the instant variety and those prepared to work for it.

That is, there is something for almost everybody.

It is interesting that my last post entitled “The Christian Alternative Resurrected: Why Can’t Jews Do That?”  actually elicited more passionate debate than any of the previous overtly political posts. Well I’m delighted that at least some people were sufficiently aroused by the topic raised to write in.

The past 10 days ago have been immensely rich in information and news. I believe this site has reached a point in its evolution where it may be desirable to create more specialised sections of interest to different audiences.

Here follow some examples:

Breaking News together with useful comment and background which you will not find in the mainstream media (MSM).

Hot Topics and Debates in which specific issues are discussed at greater length with possibly expert input and exchanges of views. We may have regular columnists to contribute to this section.

Important Videos – while videos can be part of other sections it may be a good idea to have a section devoted to informative or interesting audio-visual material which cannot be adequately conveyed in words alone. In general, I want to make greater use of visual images, especially, in this blog

Core Documents – This will be material of a substantive, even academic, nature on topics directly or indirectly relevant to issues pertinent to Israel and global Jewry. It won’t be everyone’s cup of tea but can serve as a reference source and will be enlightening for those who want bring more information and deeper thought to bear on significant issues.

The South African Page in which material specifically relevant to South Africa is available.

Alternate Perspectives – this would include the views of those outside the Jewish community but with a strong interest in and some commitment to Zionism and to the safety and security of Israel. These are voices seldom heard within the Jewish community. Christian Zionists would be obvious candidates but there may well be others – even from within the Muslim community – who have points of view which should be heard, considered and debated.

Besides specialisation I would want to see a livelier, varied but uncrowded and user-friendly format. This will be a waste of time if the audience is not considerably expanded. We therefore need to find ways of disseminating the new and improved version much more widely than is presently the case. This cannot be done by me alone and I’m glad to say there are currents blowing in the wind which open up this possibility.

One obvious danger is that we duplicate the activities and coverage of other sites. This is something which will need to be carefully borne in mind when taking some of these ideas further.

The other danger is that the site becomes too ambitious and too large and thus loses its unique character and audience. This is also something to be avoided and it would be better to make haste slowly.

Ideas from readers would be welcome but in the meantime here is some HOT news and USEFUL INFORMATION from the Web.

From Geoff Boner: A new Israeli live news service  with plenty of excellent audio-visual material and diverse perspectives covering a range of topics. Well worth bookmarking.

EU ban on Settlement Trade: Here is an excellent response by Alan Baker (The European Union – Hypocrisy, Hostility and Blatant Prejudice) backed by hard facts.

Norwegian woman facing 16 months in jail in Dubai after reporting rape – shades of Cyril Karabus.

To Ramallah and back: A student’s take on Israeli security by Mollie Adatto: Gus Ferguson the poet and wit once wrote “believing is seeing”. This was poignantly demonstrated when a student, broadly speaking pro-Israel, accompanied a group of J Streeters to Ramallah. He found his take on the events of the day was diametrically different to the others. Read the piece and decide where you think the truth lies.

 Hostility to Israel and Antisemitism: Toward a Sociological Approach by David Hirshonly for those with a serious interest in the question and plenty of time and patience available.

 Guess Who’s Valedictorian at Israel’s Top Medical School? – The answer: “ a 27-year-old stereotype-buster: a charming, feminist, smart, open-minded and observant Islamic woman named Mais Ali-Saleh who grew up in a small village outside of Nazareth, in Israel’s Galilee.” This will carry no weight with the BDS fellow-travellers but I for one am proud.

The Unbreakable Muslim Brotherhood: Grim Prospects for a Liberal Egypt by Eric Trager:  an informed take on the Egyptian struggle. There is much that is written on this but the SA media follows a bland and uninformed line. I have written to Business Day (for the next issue) but they don’t want to face reality.

 IDF: Detained Arab Boy Was Never Formally Arrested and Arabs Attack 18-Year-Old Jew in Jerusalem: Some of you may have heard about the “5-year old” Arab boy arrested for stone-throwing. Here are some facts both on the case and background information. I suggest you Google “Arab attacks on Jews in Israel”, Baby Adelle” for material which never sees the light of day in our media. Does anyone wonder why we have such breathtakingly stupid and useless politics?

Finally, Time to Wise Up to the Muslim Brotherhood and Mapping the Organizational Sources of the Global Delegitimization Campaign against Israel in the UKTwo excellent core documents bristling with facts and worth following up some of the references especially in the first.


This is a big meal best taken slowly. Chew slowly and savour.

 Mike Berger


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