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Great News!!! and Important Information

I have the funding and the go ahead to “professionalise” and develop this site. Many thanks to David Abel for facilitating this for me and I hope the benefits are widely felt soon. My initial vision looks something like this…BUT before I go there, for all of you ignorant about the movement known as Christian Zionism (or harbouring mistaken stereotypes) here is an outstanding article on the topic.

I emphatically do not share their world view, and no strongly held doctrine is without its dangers, but this long and very thoughtful essay provides a deep insight into the core motivations of this important group of pro-Zionists and should counter many facile misconceptions about the movement and about the Christian Evangelists with whom they share some affinities.  Like all large groups the calibre of the people within them can vary greatly. I am fortunate perhaps but the majority of those I have met have been impressive for their intelligence and sincerity.

Finally, before setting out a preliminary vision for SOLAR PLEXUS for comment and response, I note the Palestinians are balking at recognising Israel as a Jewish state and threatening to scupper the talks. Perhaps this is all negotiation theatrics but it appears to me that they still hanker after “total victory” and believe they negotiate from a position of strength. They are sadly mistaken and in my view Netanyahu should insist on such recognition and for a cessation of incitement, subtle or blatant. It is Israel that is being asked to make the concessions; it is time the deluded have reality brought forcefully to their attention. Let’s have your thoughts on the matter.

Oh yes, one more matter. The Nobel Prizes for Physics, Chemistry and Medicine have been announced. You will find it here. Of the 8 names it seems that 6, possibly 7, are Jewish, a number with Israeli citizenship. Alice Munro won the Literature prize – thoroughly deserved. But all Jews everywhere, and Israel especially, can take immense pride in such an accomplishment.

Now to a preliminary outline of my vision for SOLAR PLEXUS.

Heading: Solar Plexus
Tagline: A site to celebrate and support Israel
 About: This site recognises and unambiguously supports the unique significance of Israel in the modern world. Its importance does not merely lie in the fact that for millions of believers worldwide it represents the fulfillment of a covenant made between God and Abraham. It does not merely exist in the unique achievement of the Jewish people, created 3500 years ago and scattered around the world for the last 2 millennia, reuniting in part of their ancient homeland to fulfil their national destiny. It does not merely rest on the fact that in a volatile, violent and backward region Israel has uniquely created a functioning and prosperous democracy respectful of the rights and dignity of its minorities. It does not merely reside in its cultural, scientific, artistic, spiritual vitality and creativity. And finally it does not only represent the triumph of human courage and Jewish values over persecution, humiliation and genocide, but in some combination of all these achievements – and one more!
 Above all, in its unique ability to reconcile diverse and often conflicting belief systems, ethnicities, historical experiences and aspirations in a single state, modern Israel serves as a beacon and model for the world. In a globalised planet where all our fates are interconnected and in which human population increase, technology and above all human diversity represents immense and potentially catastrophic challenges, we simply cannot afford to ignore the lessons Israel holds for mankind at this fateful moment in human history.
 In all these respects Israel represents a unique and epic achievement. But it was not created by supermen; rather by ordinary and flawed mortals calling on the their reserves of determination and courage and the best values from their historical experience. It is a typically human achievement, messy and often falling short of its highest aspirations. But the Jewish people both in their cultural and genetic inheritance, share in the history of the world in which they have been dispersed for two thousand years. They still remain a scattered people but the achievement of a homeland, embattled and threatened by ignorance, bigotry and envy though it is, has provided them with the opportunity to demonstrate to the world how diversity can become an asset and how potentially crippling conflict can be become a spur to achievement and reconciliation.
 This site will bring you this story as it unfolds. It will expose the lies, misrepresentations and sheer ignorance of Israel’s enemies, but it will not be held to that level of debate. It aims to bring you a diversity of perspectives, sharp analysis, reliable and honest information and human stories ignored or distorted by the popular media. It will not shrink from speaking the truth to false consensus and to hatred and bigotry and will also not shrink from criticism where that is merited. But it its purpose is to inform, stimulate and widen the horizons of its readership. Its readers are a key component of this site and through your own engagement and participation, you can become part of this exciting experiment.
 Please join us in this journey by subscribing and spread the word so that the impact of this site can can be felt as widely as possible.
 Blog: This is the core of the site. I hope to widen the scope and participation here so that the readership is exposed to and can engage with a diversity of perspectives.
 Links: The Internet is a cornucopia of information and insights but also of shallow and malevolent rubbish. Solar Plexus will endeavour to provide links and guidance to those sites and articles which add real value to our readership.
 Events and Initiatives: There are many organisations and individuals doing sterling work which is broadly aligned with the philosophy and purpose of Solar Plexus. We will do our best to bring these to your attention.
 Debates: We may throw out topics for debate – possibly based upon a specially interesting, informative of provocative article submitted to Solar Plexus. We may highlight this and invite our readers to respond, while publishing the best of these; or even invite views from identified individuals.
 Audio-visual: This has become an important component of our Internet experience and we will try to bring the best of this to your attention, with your help.
 Finally, this site will continue to evolve and hopefully will become a useful and inspiring source for many here in South Africa and even abroad.
 Mike Berger



4 responses to “Great News!!! and Important Information

  1. Sydney Kaye October 11, 2013 at 11:52 pm

    I’m not sure about making the recognition of Israel as a Jewish state into an issue. It has the air of a manufactured stumbling block. If there is ever an agreement that gives Israel the security it wants, and there is a withdrawal, then Israel will be and remain a Jewish state, with or without Arab recognition of that. You can’t tell people what to think , nor does it matter what they think, only what they do.


    • Mike Berger October 12, 2013 at 10:14 am

      I absolutely don’t agree. Their refusal to recognise Israel as the legitimate Jewish homeland is the root cause of the issue and will remain a bone of contention into the future UNLESS Israel puts its foot down and stops this BS. If not now, when? Israel must stop talking of concessions and start talking about principles! Only then will it earn respect.Untill then it will always be open to manipulation. And BTW – likewise with Jerusalem. I think we need to learn the lessons of experience.



      • Charles Smith October 14, 2013 at 9:20 pm

        Charles Smith.

        1.The point, which no-one seems to stress, is that not recognizing Israel as a Jewish state MEANS aspiring to rid the world of Israel as a Jewish state. It’s not the words or the declaration we’re concerned about. There is no hope of a future of real peace while the Palestinians or other Arab states hold on to their ambition of a world, or at least a M.E., without a Jewish state. And that is the crux of the matter to which Michael refers as “the root cause of the issue”. If that attitude and ambition were removed, ALL other issues could be solved by negotiation and crimes like bringing up generation after generation of children to hate Jews and Israelis and wish them destroyed, would cease.
        2. I’m interested to know whether Sydney Kaye lives in Israel or not. It usually gives a different perspective. There are Israelis who hold his view (and every other view) but it’s much easier for those sitting in the diaspora to feel that recognition of the Jewish homeland is not important.


        • Sydney Kaye October 22, 2013 at 12:42 pm

          I’ve just noticed Charles Smith’s submission. ( I don’t think the web page works by advising of new comments). Anyway I have to tell him no, I don’t live in Israel. My comments were predicated on what I saw as a pragmatic and logical issue.
          I do understand however that living in Israel would give a different perspective on every matter, although as he says some would agree and some not .


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