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Subtext to the present conflict.

Hamas to Israel:

We have 1.5 million hostages. Yes, they happen to be Gazan citizens rather than Israelis (whom we would prefer) but they, like us, are soldiers in this glorious struggle and will die as martyrs for the cause. But you with your pitiful Western scruples, your terror of public condemnation by our allies in the West, your fear of economic and diplomatic isolation after years of comfort and safety, are too cowardly to attack us. You will dither and debate and the Americans under Obama will push you unmercifully to a ceasefire. Our allies in the West and al-Jazeera will continue to do their part. They will vilify you daily until you begin to doubt yourselves, your own legitimacy. Your courage will fail you. You have already been abandoned by many Jews and others will follow as the pressure mounts. We will reduce you to an indecisive, squabbling wreck and all your technology and “brains” will be rendered useless. Every dead Gazan child becomes a nail in your coffin, not ours. This is also the way we will slowly defeat the West. Those amongst our own people who do not wish to follow this path, will have no choice. We are the future because the West has lost the art of survival and are in the process of abandoning the battlefield.

Israel must call this bluff! Every Diaspora Jew and every non-Jew who understands the stakes, must publicly come out in support of Israel. When this battle has been won, it will be time to rebuild a a better world. Unless Israel and the West win this battle, there will no longer be a world capable of being rebuilt.


3 responses to “Subtext to the present conflict.

  1. Mike Berger July 27, 2014 at 12:45 pm

    Here is another from Geoff Boner: “Where did you get this from? I think that the Hamas are surprised by the continuous Israeli attack in spite of the outcry in most of the world. There have been demonstrations in Israel by the Israeli left calling for cessation of hostilities, but they are a minority.”

    It seems that this brief post has caused confusion. I was clarifying the subtext of the Hamas strategy. I did not state that Israel was buying it. But there are voices both within Israel and certainly outside which don’t fully recognise the paralysis of will which the Hamas strategy of using their own citizens as hostages PLUS international outcry is intended to induce.

    This strategy depends on Israel buying into it. I was warning against that and offering any support I can muster to assist Israel withstand this blackmail.
    Hope this clarifies.


  2. Mike Berger July 27, 2014 at 12:36 pm

    Tessa I don’t understand your question. Please explain.


  3. Tessa Scher July 27, 2014 at 11:50 am

    Where did this “Hamas to Israel” come from?




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