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More – much much more

Solar Plexus, as I am sure you appreciate, is for thinkers. So to add to my puny efforts here is an absolute feast of commentary on the Iran Framework Deal. I will be ploughing my way through them this weekend. On a slightly different topic, you may want to look at “Changing the narrative” on News 24. I quite liked the comments thread – better than usual.

Mike Berger


2 responses to “More – much much more

  1. Syd Kaye April 4, 2015 at 5:19 pm

    Thank you for reminding me that Obama’s cerebral naivity and intellectual arrogance with respect to the Arabs/Persians goes right back to the beginning of his Presidency. His pathetic 2009 speech in Caro , equating Islam with the West must have had them rolling out of their hammocks with laughter. You are right that given US domestic furtherance of democracy and human rights he had a problem supporting Mabarak when it seemed there was a pro-democracy revolution , and again when the coup dislodged the Muslim Brotherhood. But that’s what the Leader of the Western World is there for: firstly to get the intelligence right and to understand what’s going on, and secondly to deal with issues in the interests of his country and its allies; the civilized world.
    It would have been easier for him if as a serious politician, he made it clear that he was there to serve the interests of his own constituency , and when those real interests clash with nebulous human rights, the practical interests have it.


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