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I never send out chain mail…BUT this is an exception.
For those those in a state of denial about what is motivating the Arab-Muslim violence this is the answer. After watching this you will no longer be able to
  • talk about “disproportion”
  • pontificate about “occupation”
  • whine about “Western imperialism”
  • bleat on about “Zionist colonialism”
If you want to know why desperate (and criminal and fanatic) Muslims are fleeing the Middle East-North Africa region to Europe, this link shows you why.
If you want to know why every Israeli Jewish kid is expected to serve in the armed forces, this disgusting video gives you the answer.
If you want to know if a new totalitarian blood lust movement has reared its hideous head in the enlightened 21st century, this video says YES IT HAS. It brandishes a knife (or a bomb or a missile) and speaks in the name of ALLAH AND MUHAMMAD.
if Israel ethnically cleanses the West Bank and Gaza one day do not ask why or point accusatory fingers. You would have done the same only sooner.
Don’t lecture the Israelis about “occupation”. Talk to Abbas. Tell him to recognise the Jewish state or disband the entire Palestinian enterprise. Tell him to make arrangements with Israel for self-governance and beg them to protect him from the bloodthirsty fanatics and madmen (and women) in his own ranks while ensuring the safety of the ordinary Israeli citizen.
Tell Obama and the BBC and the New York Times and the rest of the cowardly Western media to stop lying. Israel does not have to be perfect to be permitted to exist. Israel does not have to be perfect to defend herself. Nobody needs to be above reproach in order to defend themselves against crazed and fanatical murderers.
WATCH THIS VIDEO and then ask yourself, where do you stand on this issue.
Mike Berger

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