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Why Netanyahu and not Caroline Glick is Prime Minister of Israel

Caroline Glick is a very passionate commentator. She is a committed Zionist and is intensely aware of and acutely sensitive to threats to Israeli and Jewish welfare. She is a remarkably eloquent and persuasive spokesperson for the right-wing which she unashamedly supports. For all this I give her credit.

Glick has the courage of her views and is prepared to endure abuse and contumely from the Left and some self-styled “progressives” whose politics are more often a form of habit, wish-fulfilment and fearful virtue-signalling than serious, evidence-based analysis of reality. But the virtues of simplicity and passion do not always make an effective political leader.

I’ve seen Glick disintegrate in public debate in which her emotions got the better of her. Also, her passion leads her into one-dimensionality when reality requires a feeling for the limits of practical action and the paradoxes of human dynamics. A really good politician has an intense feeling for nuance and complexity and for the boundaries of possible political action coupled with an innate sense of risk and reward, a necessary talent for animal cunning and for subterfuge and endurance under fire.

Glick has none of these qualities, Netanyahu has them in abundance. He has the serious ability to focus on the essential skeleton of political reality, to rank issues in terms of their impact on his primary vision and purpose – and above all to articulate this clearly and unambiguously to an audience.

Glick’s talent is to tread where others are too fearful or confused. But she has virtually no talent for politics in the real world, contrary to the opinion of her many admirers (amongst whom, with qualifications, I count myself).

Netanyahu has a great many admirers but many more supporters for good reason. He is a real captain under fire.  He also arouses intense hostility and even contempt, from both the left and the right for different reasons. But in my view, he is a quite remarkable political leader and will go down in history as one of the great Israeli Prime Ministers. It is South Africa’s considerable loss that we are not being led by a man of his character.

If you want to an example of why I make these judgements on two admirable Israelis here they are. Both are worth your time and attention.

For Netanyahu see here.  For Glick see here

What do you think?

Mike Berger


One response to “Why Netanyahu and not Caroline Glick is Prime Minister of Israel

  1. amweston2013 January 25, 2016 at 2:40 pm

    We need more people like Caroline Glick and PM Netanyahu, both brilliant at what they do.
    Alison Weston


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