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BIBI and The Temple Mount

I received the note below from my good friend and colleague, Geoff Boner, who responded to my last post leaving it up to me whether to use it. It seems relevant to the leadership qualities of Netanyahu though it doesn’t really address the the strategic issues raised in my post.

Nevertheless, character and leadership qualities are obviously relevant and so I would be interested in how others feel.

I’m a news and information junkie and I thought I would provide links to a somewhat unorthodox view of Jihadi terror. They’re worth reading here and here

I hope you find them interesting

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From Geoff Boner

What happened in Israel over the past two weeks, only demonstrates poor handling of the situation by our PM. The Temple Mount, as we call it, or Al Aksa as the Moslems call it, is controlled by the Waqf and is subject to Jordanian rule. This has been the case since the 1967 war.
On occasions when this sovereignty was disturbed it was looked on by Muslims, throughout the world as a frontal attack on their religion. This has been the cause of an intifada.
The present problem started just over 2 weeks ago, when 3 Israeli Arabs, attacked a police unit, killing two Druze police. The terrorists were killed. They had hid their weapons on the mount. Netanyahu, instead of discussing the matter with Jordanian, Waqf and Palestinian representatives, went ahead and ordered the placement of metal detectors against the advice of the army and internal security (Shabach). He announced this as he was boarding a plane for a trip of a few days to France and Hungary.
The various Muslim groups reacted immediately, knowing that this would be seen as an attack on Al Aksa. While Netanyahu was away the situation only got worse and when he returned he ordered that the detectors not be removed.
Then there was the attack in Jordan. Details are not clear yet. According to our reports, a youth who had been brought to the apartment to do some repairs, attacked the Israeli security officer with a screwdriver. The officer pulled a gun and shot him and also shot the owner of the apartment a doctor, whether by mistake or intentionally is not clear. The Jordanians have declared that this is pure murder. The officer as a member of the diplomatic service, was immune to prosecution in Jordan. After some discussion with the King of Jordan (on vacation on the west coast of the States) it was agreed that all Israeli diplomats in Jordan would return to Israel. It is not clear whether this was part of the negotiations, but it was decided at more or less the same time to remove the metal detectors and leave camera surveillance. The cameras had to be removed eventually as well.
When the diplomatic team returned to Jerusalem, Netanyahu greeted them as heroes and embraced the security officer in front of TV cameras. This infuriated the King of Jordan, who looked on the officer, who had killed two people without need. This has obviously led to a deterioration in the relationship between Jordan and Israel. All this is one more example of the poor leadership qualities of Netanyahu.
At the moment there are three police investigation involving him. The first is the gifts that he received from friends and acquaintances. It has been said that gifts of expensive cigars, Champaign and other objects were given on visits to him. It has been claimed that certain people were informed when his supply of cigars and Champaign was running low.
The second involves meetings with the owner of Yedioth Aharonot, what used to be the most popular newspaper in Israel, until a few years ago. This paper was and is anti-Netanyahu. Then Sheldon Adelson, owner of several hotels and casinos in Las Vegas and a friend of Netanyahu, started a give-away daily, Yisrael Hayom, supporting Netanyahu. It has been shown that Netanyahu had a few meetings with the owner of Yedioth before the last election and discussed the possibility that it would be more positive as regards Bibi on condition that he decrease the distribution of yisrael Hayom. Nothing came of this.
The final and most serious investigation is the question of the order of three  submarines and patrol boats from the Thyssen-Krup dockyards in Germany. They had supplied Israel with six submarines, the last of which has not been delivered. At the same time Netanyahu decided to order three more in spite of objections from the army and cancelled an international tender for offers to build the patrol boats and moved the order to Germany. Now at the same time the Israeli, representative of the German company was replaced by another Israeli, who increased his fees and was going to earn tens of millions of Euros. It then became known that this representative had made as his lawyer a very well-known lawyer, who is also a cousin of Netanyahu and represents him personally. This lawyer has a partner who conducts international discussions for Netanyahu.
The Israeli representative of the German firm has decided to turn States evidence and will spend a year in jail and pay a fine of several millions. He is now providing evidence of all the people involved in these transactions. It is not clear whether Netanyahu was involved. It does not appear to be so, but his personal lawyer and cousin was at the same time representing the Israeli representative of the German firm. Some of the papers today have suggested that the lawyer was actually a partner of the Israeli representative. All of this once again shows poor leadership qualities of Netanyahu.
He is lucky in that at the moment the coalition of the religious and right wing parties have a strong majority and do not seem about to lose it.
Remember that I do not have inside information but get all my information from newspapers and relevant TV news and investigative programs.

4 responses to “BIBI and The Temple Mount

  1. Charles Smith August 7, 2017 at 6:09 pm

    1. When Jordanian and Wakf “sovereignty was disturbed it was looked on by Muslims, throughout the world as a frontal attack on their religion. This has been the cause of an intifada.” NO!! The Palestinian’s raison d’etre is the destruction of Israel. Any event which can be used for this purpose is harnessed for the occasion and suitably distorted and presented for the occasion, lapped up by the usual suspects.
    2. “The various Muslim groups reacted immediately, knowing that this would be interpreted as an attack on El Aksa” NO!! The danger to El Aksa is a contrived myth for the above purpose -see (1). The leadership use it purely to incite the masses. THEY DID THE INTERPRETING THEMSELVES.
    3. The fact that the Jordanian king pretended to be infuriated so his Palestinian population wouldn’t kick him out was an unavoidable result of the stabbing of the Israeli and its aftermath. We don’t know all the factors taken into account in Netanyahu’s subsequent actions
    4. “Some of the papers today have suggested that the lawyer was actually a partner of the Israeli representative. All of this once again shows poor leadership qualities of Netanyahu.” The Papers here have been carrying on a frantic war to depose Netanyahu for ages. Anything which they SAY, let alone suggest, which might further that goal, is therefore suspect.
    Finally, I personally think the time has come to replace Netanyahu. But I still believe in truth and absolute honesty where possible!!!


    • solarplexuss August 7, 2017 at 9:12 pm

      Hi Charles I don’t think I’m the person to reply; it should be Geoff. Yes I agree point 1 was badly worded to suggest the hostile reaction would be automatic and did not depend on concomitant incitement, but I think it is mostly semantic. The suspicious attitude is a precondition for such easy and rapid incitement. See also point 2. How do you know that the Jordanian King pretended to be infuriated (point 3) though of course I wouldn’t be surprised if that was true at least in part? Of course I don’t believe what the media tells me. I put out the post since this was a comment by one of the readers of Solar Plexus. It is almost impossible for a South African to really know what is the truth behind the flood of ‘news’ coming from Israel concerning Bibi. That is one of the sad realities of media reporting and spin. So on a way all this is simply theatrics. What Solar Plexus is basically concerned with is at trying to understand the deeper currents and dynamics behind the public performances. Never forget, however, that the public theatre is also part of the dynamics through its effect on public opinion. That’s politics.


  2. solarplexuss August 2, 2017 at 5:39 pm

    Geoff was expressing some of his reservations. I don’t think he intended it as the last word. Hey Geoff!


  3. Mervyn Taub. August 1, 2017 at 3:33 pm

    I am always nervous about articles that present one side of an argument. A fuller airing might give a more balanced opinion. I and not a fan of Netanyahu but he seems in my opinion to have served Israel well, not always perfectly, but he generally has a keen sense of where Israel’s interest lies.
    Best regards.


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