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But first some self-promotion – see here.

Second, the hot topic of the Hamas Intifada is on many minds. Following are a couple of good links I have been sent –  here and here. I haven’t been researching that topic in particular but I think my own article has some bearing indirectly. I would welcome any additional links from readers.

I’ve been reading some interesting general articles relevant to Solar Plexus, especially on the remarkable path USA politics has taken over the past few years Briefly:

Francis Fukuyama, famous for his ‘end of history’ essay (and subsequent book) which sees ‘liberal democracy’ as the only viable political system and the inevitable choice of an enlightened (and chastened?) humanity, takes a rather horrified look at post-2016 USA here. I don’t endorse everything he says and his omissions are significant but the article is worth reading. The following links fill in some of what he omits…

Joel Kotkin is not nearly as well-known as Fukuyama but he is a perceptive commentator. He is worth Googling but here is a recent article which filled in some of Fukuyama’s missing bits I thought. Here is one quote which rattled my bells:

So what will replace neoliberalism? Most likely the next iteration will be an
increasingly autocratic one, reflecting the increasingly concentrated nature of the
world economy, and facilitated by the growing control over information by a
handful of tech oligarchs. For many, China may prove not just an alluring market,
but a role model for a capitalism that, notes analyst Sami Karam, is ever more
dominated by rent-seeking and “cronyism.

Russia is right at the top of the cronyism index, not China. For those wanting to know a little more about cronyism see here. 

But the best article to read on the current political scene of those mentioned in this post is “What Motivates Voters More Than Loyalty? Loathing.” by Thomas Edsall in the NYT. It gives an excellent picture of the hyperpolarisation of USA and probably global politics. He offers some explanations but I have yet to find a really comprehensive account of the likely causal (multi-causal!) mechanisms operating in the world today. Maybe too big and little understood a topic to hope for an authoritative summary. But digital and communication technology, population size, finite resources and simple  evolutionary trial and error sampling of possibility space  are sure to figure.

I hope your Pesach/Easter weekend was not marred by a what is loosely termed ‘gastric flu’ as mine was.  Cheers


A belated PS on the Geopolitics of Clean Energy here