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No Comment Required

This advert was fully paid to run as a full page advert in the Sunday Times tomorrow.

On Friday afternoon at 3 PM the Sunday Times pulled the advert and cancelled publication.

These are the facts that they did not want their readership to know about Hamas!


What they don't want you to know

What they don’t want you to know


6 responses to “No Comment Required

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  2. Geoff November 1, 2015 at 10:24 am

    Amazing isnt it that Gaza and the Hamas are continually preaching their stated of policy of trying to destroy Israel, when they are completely dependent on Israel. Over six hundred trucks deliver supplies to Gaza daily. A large proportions of the Gaza electricity and water is supplied by Israel. Israel has to territorial demands from Gaza. If the Hamas changed their protocol and made peace they would then be able to change their whole way of lire.


    • Mike Berger November 1, 2015 at 10:29 am

      When insane memes become embedded in a community’s mind nothing is impossible.


      • RidwaanR (@RidwaanR) November 3, 2015 at 9:23 am

        According to Misha’al, the Hamas Charter is no longer a true expression of the movement’s overall vision, and does not reflect the current thinking of the movement. Hamas does not even use the Charter on its website and uses its election manifesto, and more recent documents, to describe its overall vision and objectives. For Israel’s apologists, however, Hamas has not gone far enough, and they demand that the movement formally abrogates the Charter.

        The Charter of Israel’s ruling Likud Party “flatly rejects the establishment of a Palestinian Arab state west of the Jordan River [in the West Bank].” Defenders of Israel will say that this is just an “old” statement of principles not reflective of the Party’s actions in power. Has Likud been asked to formally distance itself from its Charter that calls for the destruction of a Palestinian state?

        Should the ANC formally distance itself from the Freedom Charter, because some South Africans can argue that the Charter no longer represents the policy and values of today’s ANC? The doors of learning have not been opened to all. The land has not been shared among those who work it.


        • Geoff November 3, 2015 at 9:56 am

          In spite of the fact that Hamas no longer see their charter as valid, they have not expressed any intention of negotiating with the Israeli government. Moreover they continue to support active violent opposition to the Israeli government. Gaza is not occupied territory but continues to have its borders controlled both by Israel and Egypt, because of continued terrorist activity and unwillingness to negotiate a peace settlement. Moreover one of their demands for a peace settlement is the return of refugees, knowing full well that this will cause the destruction of the State of Israel, by having an Arab majority. They also choose to forget that an approximately equal number of Jewish refugees from Arab countries have been assimilated into the Jewish state.
          It is true the various parties in Israel object to the return of any land to the Palestinians. At least two previous Prime Ministers made gracious offers to the Palestinian leadership. The inability to overcome the major drawbacks of the Palestinian demands, return of refugees and control of Jerusalem, doomed these efforts. This and repeated terrorist attacks has led to the general israeli public to believe that there is no possibility to negotiate peace with the Palestinians. In spite of this, Benayahu has continued to state that he supports the 2-state solution. Is it not time that the Palestinians realize that they will not be able to get all their demands and be prepared to sit down at the negotiations table. I am sure that the Israeli delegation would be very generous.


        • Mike Berger November 3, 2015 at 5:31 pm

          Actually Ridwaan the doors of learning have been thrown open (not to all admittedly but are you talking Utopia?) and I agree the Likud should make it formally clear that they accept a Palestinian state in principle. But to pretend that Hamas is anything else than a violently anti-Semitic terror movement committed to ridding the ME of anything resembling a Jewish state is sheer sophistry and disqualifies you from being taken seriously. Hamas is blood brother to ISIS and the myriad other Jihadist type movements which have sprung up in the MENA region over the past five decades which differ in detail but not in their glorification of violent conquest, religious intolerance, xenophobia in general and anti-Semitism above all,and fascist culture. Any future under Hamas or any clone thereof is one scarcely worth living. Let us pray that that they destroy themselves before they set the world back centuries.


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